Sunday, September 15, 2019
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The following recognitions are available for adults who have made outstanding contributions to Catholic Scouting as a Youth Ministry. There are several recognitions available.

Bronze Pelican- used to recognize individuals in your local dioceses for their significant contributions. Recipients often receive this recognition prior to the St George. Please use the ACCS nomination form at this site.

St. George- used to recognize individuals in local dioceses for significant contributions and many years of support to Catholic Youth Ministry at the local level. Please use the NCCS-BSA nomination form. Recognition entitles the recipient to wear the adult religious emblems knot (purple on silver) on their uniform.

NOTE:  Nominations for the Bronze Pelican and St. George must be submitted by March 10.  These recognitions will be presented at the Mass and emblems presentation.

Other Catholic adult recognition opportunities may be found at

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